Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wii Weekend or MLK Day for Geeks

Wii weekend was lots of fun. We had the Wii with it's sports package and played most of the weekend. It includes bowling, tennis, baseball, golf, and boxing. Bowling and golf were my favorites, probably because I was able to put up some good numbers. Tennis and boxing were good fun, I just wasn't very good at them. Baseball. Baseball was just as exciting on the Wii as it is in real life. Not at all.

I also got to see and play some of Playstation's Assassin's Creed. Much goodness. The graphics were ridiculously good to the point where someone walking by would think we were watching a movie. The gameplay is pretty clever, but the combat is rather one dimensional. There are very few attacks, although there are several animations for the same move, and all quite brutal.

I also got to see National Treasure 2 Saturday. It was an attempt to set me up with a girl who works with my friend. She was beautiful and sweet, but very shy. And the fact that it was a group outing to a movie did not make it very condusive to getting to know one another. Once we started talking, after our other friends "had to go get snacks", it wasn't long before the annoying pre-previews started and made conversation difficult. I asked her to watch The New York Football Giants with us Sunday, but she had a friend come in town and bailed. I don't blaim her; hang out with an old friend from out of state, or hang out with a guy you just met and talked to for 15 minutes : )

All in all, a great break from the everyday grind, and much needed. By the way, National Treasure 2 was good fun. (Incoming SPOILER!!!) Although a vague cliffhanger at the end which did nothing more than say "Hey, we're making a third one too" was rather weak, but whatever. Good times, good times.

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J-Diggy aka Norton G said...

Damn you, stop posting. I will never catch up at this point. I like the currently reading section. Very original.

You should now add some of your favorite links to the site. That way we can all know how big of a dork you are.