Monday, January 28, 2008

Dane Cook

Last night I watched most of a stand up marathon on Comedy Central. It was all leading up to a Dane Cook special. The marathon was great, with some exceptions. The best comedians I saw were Frank Caliendo and Jeff Dunham.

Frank does some great impersonations, and is able to do them back to back. So you end up with John Madden talking to George W talking to Robin Williams. Good stuff.

Then Jeff Dunham had me in tears. He has several puppets and is amazing with his vantriloquism. I remember him from a long time ago using Peanut and Jose the Jalapeno on a Stick. He has improved alot.

But what totally ruined it for me was watching what little I could stand of the Dane Cook special afterward. I sometimes listen to Lex and Terry on the radio in the morning on Rock 104 and remembered them talking about how bad he was. Well, I had to see if he really was that bad. He is.

I sat through about 20 minutes and didn't laugh once. What was amazing was that he had a packed stadium laughing at his jokes. If you can call them that. Really, he just tells stories that are not at all funny. He's kind of like that pot smoking friend who tells incoherant stories (except Dane wasn't high), and they're only funny if you've had a little too much to drink. So, the only explanation I have is that they were all drunk.

Lex and Terry, you were right. Sorry I doubted you.

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J-Diggy said...

First off, I don't trust Lex and Terry's opinion.

Secondly, I find half of Dane Cook's stuff to be unfunny and boring. But that other half usually has me rolling. Granted after I laugh at it I need a shower. He isn't the cleanest act on the block.

Then again, usually after listening to Lex and Terry I need a shower and some time spent in confessional.