Tuesday, January 29, 2008

State of the Union

I was checking Yahoo! TV yesterday to see what would be on and saw the State of the Union was on after American Gladiators. I decided to be a good citizen and watch both :)

Well, I tried to watch the SotU. To begin with, it took about ten minutes for the Pres to even make it to the podium. Then every freaking thirty seconds, there was a legnthy pause for applause. I tried to withstand the pep-rally-ness, but one thing finally made me give up and go back to watching Enterprise on Sci-Fi. The content.

I understand the Pres can't go into great detail on everything purposed, but it just sounded like more politician fluff. Cut taxes but increase spending. Now, I'm all in favor of cutting taxes, but come on. And with no specifics to explain how all of these wonderful changes will be accomplished (I'm sure some other vital areas they don't want to mention will get budget cuts), it did not encourage me at all. Not even with all of the Hoorah, At a Boy, We Rock talk filling in the gaps where some details could have been placed.

I'm just tired of politicians in general. I'm starting to think the Federal government needs to be cut WAY back and we should go back to the states having more power. It just seems like a central government is too susceptible to corruption. I just don't believe any of them anymore.

I want to see clearly written white papers detailing how budgets are being balanced, or how these new programs will be paid for. But I think the Federal government is just too big for that to ever happen. /whine

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