Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just in time...

...with one hour to go before midnight, I get a second post in. There is not much to report since two o'clock. I worked out when I got home from work, and watched some more news on the economy. I won't go into that right now, because I will start preaching. But to sum it up, the current administration appears to be putting up a smoke screen to avoid blame for mismanaging the supposed bail out funds. They are now taxing the bonuses that AIG gave their employees, which is in their contracts, and Congress knew existed before they passed the bill. Sad.

Anyway, I gave in and played World of Warcraft for three hours. I haven't played since Sunday, which is an impressive length of time away from the game for me. I'm definetly looking forward to the weekend when I can relax and get some reading done. I'm also thinking of reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine. I read a couple pages and wonder if it is at all applicable to the current situation in government.

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