Monday, April 6, 2009


...not about blogging. Same energy level there. I had an idea recently about my fitness goals. I reached my goal weight a few months ago, but still haven't been completely happy with where I am. I didn't want to lose more weight though... I'd be a twig. Well, not that bad.

So, I needed some way to quantify a new goal. Last week I had a though. Body fat percentage. I ordered a body fat caliper and got my measurements. I currently have 18.67% body fat. That falls in the low end of the average range and 1.67% away from the high end of "fit". That's good... but I want better.

I'm looking to get to 14%, which is the low end of fit, 1% away from "athletic". That means 4.67% body fat to lose. My goal is to lose it in 3 months. That will be a challenge, because I tend not to push the envelope very hard when I'm working out/dieting. So this will be a challenge. But, I'm excited. I bought some new, heavier resistance bands, and now that I am over a sinus infection, started working out using a more intense program than I followed before. I also want to cut out Quizno's subs for the 3 month period. Not sure if that will happen, but it's good to have goals :)

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